Friday, June 17, 2011

Boxing Ninjaaa

Going to train tomorrow. Imma be a boxing ninja! 


I hope to liken Laila Ali one day. LOL as if I can.

Lace and Chiffon

There's something about the combination of lace and chiffon that I love. It's feminine and romantic and reminds you of an old world that's full of magic and mystique. 

The change of colour would completely alter the feel of the dress. Bright colours would make it fun and flirty. White and pastel colours would make it pure and fresh. Neutrals would make it sexy. And dark colours would give it an air of mystery.

Here are some of the runway looks that I love:

Elie Saab

I unfortunately didn't get to find out who designed this gorgeous dress :(


Dolce & Gabbana

Herve Ledger



Thursday, June 16, 2011

Elle Fanning's Teen Vogue Hair & Make-up! :)

I really loved Elle Fannings natural doll-esque make-up and braided hairstyles in the latest issue of Teen Vogue. I'm so happy I came across this video!! I'm inspired to try false eyelashes and to do the braids for when I go out. :)

I also found another of Megan's hair tutorials with is a simple and pretty simple braided headband which is great for summer!

Here are examples of the look:

1) Lauren Conrad

2) Nicole Richie

3) Nicole Scherzinger

Bohemian Waves

AHHHHHHHH!!! I finally found the PERFECT way to curl my hair into waves!! I was searching vids on youtube (particularly Vanessa Hudgens inspired ones), watched a few of them and came across this girls video. I don't know her name, haha.

It's perfect for me because we have the same layered hair and before, I used to curl the top layer first before the ones under and I believe I was wrong in doing so because I just made it harder for myself, haha. Anyway, I was wondering how she curled her bangs because I never seemed to get it right and in the video she shows how to curl your (layered) hair step-by-step. Best video I've seen so far in curling hair 101. She also mentioned she has a video wherein she curls her hair using a flat iron and I've been dying to learn how to do that! So that's definitely what I'll watch next. :)

I saw this other girl that did her hair in a cool way using a flat iron. I really like her technique!

Found a mermaid hair tutorial too! I love the first one better, haha.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Jet Black

My hair is finally JET BLACK!!! I’m so amazed how extremely contrasting my hair is to my skin colour more now, ahahaha.
I bought this semi-permanent henna dye and it’s pretty cheap. What I love about it is that it conditions your hair too while the dye is penetrating into your hair. My hair is super soft now. And when the dye stains your skin, it comes off easily. I also love that you can control how much dye and conditioning treatment you can use. If you still have extra, you can kept that and use it for touch-ups or for the next time when your roots grow. The 2-in-1 comb is handy as well for an even coverage of the dye in your hair. :)
I just freaked out a little when I was rinsing because my hair kept on bleeding. It took FOREVER to get the dye out. But my sister dyed her hair black too before and she said that’s what really happens when you use black dye, haha. 

So now I'm legitimately associated with my Snow White nickname. My hair is originally dark brown but now that I have jet black hair, I'm even whiter than I normally am, haha. And I feel like doing a Snow White shoot! Even my friend Seed said it's a cool idea and she can be the witch, hahahaha.

Dance Like Demi Lovato, BoA and Lauren

I wish I danced like them!

Merienda! :)

Evelyn made walnut brownies for merienda! :) The top’s a little charred but it still tasted yummy. Of course I’d have to eat it with milk and on our vintage china while reading my lovely tattered copy of Wuthering Heights.